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Keyboarding Review: Required of all students.

Assignments = 3pts each. Total = approx 50 points

Advanced Keyboarding: This is extra. Each assignment is worth 3 pts. Total = approx 50 points

Each unit must be completed in order.

To advance to the next unit, a proficient grade must be achieved on current unit & lessons.

Chapter 1, Lesson 1-3 Review:


Lesson 1 Review Activity:

Lesson 16 Keyboard Review, Pg. 117-118

  • Review types of hardware & software

  • Review steps of information processing

  • Review use of computers

Lesson 2 Review Activity:

Lesson 17 Keyboarding Review, pg. 120-121

  • Logins & Password Review

  • Desktop Review

  • Review Terms associated with Operating Systems

Lesson 3 Review Activity:

Lesson 18 Keyboarding Review, pg. 122-123

  • Review parts of program window

  • Review window size options

  • Review multiple window use

Chapter 1, Lesson 4: Microsoft Word & Ribbon Basics

Lesson 4 Notes Pages:

Lesson 4 Presentation:

Data Files: DF 4C Microsoft & Google


  • 4C Applications & Apps (29-30)

  • 4E Add Styles to Updated Space History (27-33)

  • 4G Acceptable Use Policy (35)

Lesson 19 Keyboarding Review, pg. 125

Lesson 20 Keyboarding Review, pg. 126 bottom 6, 127 Top 3 (lines 7,8,9)

Lesson 21 Keyboarding Review, pg. 128 bottom 6, 129 top 3 (lines 7,8,9)

Lesson 22 Keyboarding Review, pg. 131

Lesson 23 Keyboarding Review, pg. 133

Lesson 24 Keyboarding Review, pg. 135 bottom 6, 136 top 3 (7,8,9)

Lesson 25 Keyboarding Review, pg. 137 bottom 6, 138 top 3 (7,8,9)

  • Opening/saving/downloading document files

  • Keying Text into Word Window

  • Quick Format techniques using Styles feature

  • Printing

  • Acceptable computer use

Chapter 12: Desktop Publishing (L78-81)

Lesson 78: Graphics in Word

Lesson 78 Notes Pages:

Lesson 78 Presentation:


78A September (pg. 411-412)

78B Flyer (pg 413)

78C Graphic (pg 413)

Lesson 26 Keyboarding Review, pg 139 bottom 9 lines

Lesson 27 Keyboarding Review, pg 142 Top 8 lines

Lesson 28 Keyboarding Review, pg 143 bottom 9 lines

Lesson 29 Keyboarding Review, pg 145 bottom 9 lines

  • Use WordArt & Text boxes

  • Create a Flyer

Lesson 79: Text Boxes & Flyers

Lesson 79 Notes Pages:

Lesson 79 Presentation:


79A Text Box (pg 414)

79C Text Box (pg 415-416)

79E Flyer (pg 416-418)

Lesson 30 Keyboarding Review, pg 147 bottom 9 lines

Lesson 32 Keyboarding Review, pg 151 bottom 9 lines

Lesson 33 Keyboarding Review, pg 153 bottom 6 lines; pg 154 top 3 lines

  • Create Text boxes in Word

  • Format and copy text boxes

  • Create a flyer

Lesson 80: Shapes, ClipArt, & Pictures

Lesson 80 Notes Pages:

Lesson 80 Presentation:

Data Files:

DF 80C Shape

DF 80D Results DF_80D_Results.jpg

DF 80D Election Results


80A First Aid (420-421)

80B Star (421)

80C Laptop (422-423)

80D Election (423-424)

80E Course Flyer (424)

  • Insert and format shapes

  • Add text to a shape

  • Insert and format clipart and pictures

  • Create a flyer

  • Copy/paste data from an Excel worksheet into a Word document

Lesson 81: Multi-Column Documents
DF 81A Career Fair
DF 81D Conference
DF C12 Newsletter

Chapter 13 (Lessons 82-84) Templates

Lesson 82: Invitations, Greeting Cards, Certificates
Notes Presentation:
Notes Handouts:
  • Learn to use templates to create greeting cards, invitations, and certificates
Lesson 83: Memos & Meeting Minutes
Notes Presentation:
Notes Handouts:
Data Files:

  • Learn to use templates to create memos & meeting minutes
Lesson 84: Fax Cover Pages, Agendas, and Report Cover Pages
Notes Presentation:
Notes Handouts:
  • Learn to use templates to create fax cover pages & agendas
  • Learn to use Quick Parts to create reort cover (title) pages
Quotes: Let's Make A Poster!

Quotes Links: Brainy Quotes Famous Quotes Motivational Quotes
Inspirational Quotes Quoteland Quotes
  • WordArt, ClipArt, Line Spacing, Text Alignment, Page borders, Font Size/Color/Style
  • Citations: Web & Interviews, Writing Process

Chapter 14: Presentations with Graphics and Multimedia (Lesson 85-90)

Lesson 85: Planning Oral Presentations
  • Learn points to consider when planning a presentation
  • List goals for presentations
  • Create an audience profile
Data Files:
Notes Pages: Notes Presentation:
Completion of 85 Purpose: Goal of a Presentation
Lesson 86: Developing Visual Aids
  • Learn about using visual aids in a presentation
  • Learn to open and navigate through slides for a presentation
  • Create a title slide
Data Files:
Notes Pages: Notes Presentation:
  • 86 National
Lesson 87: Enhancing Slides
  • Apply a theme
  • Enhance the appearance of a slide with clipart
Data Files: (none)
Notes Pages: Notes Presentation:
  • 87 National
  • 87 School Presentation
Lesson 88: Inserting and Formatting Slides
  • Insert new slides and use different slide layouts
  • Create a slide with a bulleted list
  • Create a slide with a table
Data Files: DF 86 American (see above)
Notes Pages: Notes Presentation:
  • 88 National
  • 88 Madison
  • 88 Presidents
  • 88 School Presentation
Lesson 89: Adding Graphics to Slides
  • Use PowerPoint features to create graphics
  • Change the background color for slides
  • Rearrange the order of slides
  • Add sound to slides
Data Files: (none)
Notes Pages: Notes Presentation:
  • 89 National
  • 89 Presidents
  • 89 National
  • 89 School Presentation
Lesson 90: Delivering a Presentation
  • Add notes to a presentation
  • print slide notes pages
  • Practice and deliver a presentation
Data Files:
Notes Pages: Notes Presentation:
  • 90 National
  • Presentation of 89 School Presentation & Feedback forms