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Semester Test Final drafts needed:

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Keyboarding Review Assignments & Pages

Lesson 17 Keyboarding Review, pg. 120

Lesson 18 Keyboarding Review, pg. 122-123 bottom 6 & top 3 (7,8,9)

Lesson 20 Keyboarding Review, pg. 126-127 bottom 6 & top 3

Lesson 21 Keyboarding Review pg. 128 bottom 6 & pg 129 top 3

Lesson 22 Keyboarding Review pg. 131 top 9

Lesson 24 Keyboarding Review pg. 135-136

Lesson 25 Keyboarding Review pg. 137-138

Lesson 26 Keyboarding Review pg. 139

Lesson 28 Keyboarding Review pg. 143

Lesson 29 Keyboarding Review pg. 145

Lesson 30 Keyboarding Review, pg 147 bottom 9 lines

Lesson 32 Keyboarding Review, pg 151 bottom 9 lines

Lesson 33 Keyboarding Review, pg 153 bottom 6 lines; pg 154 top 3 lines

Unit 2, Chapter 4 (Lessons 15-34)

‍Review lessons will be mixed in with regular daily assignments to improve productivity


  • Improve keying accuracy

  • ‍Improve keying speed

Chapter 1, Lessons 1-4 Review


Lesson 1 Review Activity: external image vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document.png Lesson 1 Review Activity.docx

  • Review types of hardware & software

  • Review steps of information processing

  • Review use of computers

Lesson 2 Review Activity: external image octet-stream.png Lesson 2 Review Activity.jnt

  • Logins & Password Review

  • Desktop Review

  • Review Terms associated with Operating Systems

Lesson 3 Review Activity:

  • Review parts of program window

  • Review window size/viewing options

  • Review multiple window use

Lesson 4 Review Activity:


  • Review opening/saving/downloading document files

  • ‍Review Quick Format techniques using Styles feature

  • ‍Review Printing

  • Review acceptable computer use

Chapter 9, Lesson 66-69


Lesson 66: MLA Reports

Lesson 66 Notes/Presentation:

Data Files:

DF 66A Report

DF 66A Select

DF 66B Report

DF 66C Font

DF 66D Report


66A Report (pg 319)

66B Report (pg 320)

66C Font (pg 321)

66E Report (322-323)

School Report (66F - pg 323-324)

Autobiography Report (66G - pg 324)


  • Learn to select text

  • Learn features in the Paragraph group on the Home Ribbon

  • (Bullets, Numbering bullets, Indent, Outdent, Sorting, Show/Hide, Alignments, Line spacing, fill color, paragraph borders)
  • Learn features in the Font group on the Home Ribbon

  • (font style, font size, grow/shrink, clear formatting, bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, subscript, superscript, change case, highlight text, font color)
  • Learn features in the Header/Footer group on Insert Ribbon

  • (header options, footer options, page number options)
  • Arrange a short report in MLA format

Lesson 67: Outlines & MLA Reports with Citations

Lesson 67 Notes Presentation:

Lesson 67 Label Page:

Data Files:

DF 67B Report

DF 67D Outline

DF 67E Indents

DF 67G Sources


67A Lists (326)

67B Report (326)

67C Outline (327)

67D Outline (327-328) Instructions:

67E Indents (328-329)

67G Sources (331-332)

67H Nat'l Park Report (332) Instructions:


  • Create an outline

  • Create an MLA report with textual citations and a Works Cited page.

  • Learn features in the Citeations & Bibliography group

  • Learn Bullets and Numbering in the Paragraph group

Lesson 68: Reports in Standard, Unbound Format:

Lesson 69: Reports

Notes Presentation:

Data Files:

DF 68A Report

DF 68D Report

DF 69B Report


68A Spell

68B Page

68C Styles

68D Report

68E Report

69A Proof

69B Report

69C Report


  • Learn Spelling & grammar features

  • Learn different page numbering positions and Different First page feature

  • Learn Styles feature

  • Arrange unbound reports using a standard format

  • Learn & use proofreader's marks

  • Format standard, unbound reorts and MLA-style reports

Chapter 9 Test Data Files Needed:

DF C9 Standard:

Microsoft Word: Drawing Tools/Picture Tools Formatting Ribbon

Shapes, ClipArt, Illustrations, grouping, layering, fill color, border color/weight, drawing canvas

  • Fishbowl

  • Picture Stories


Lesson 91: Spreadsheet and Worksheet Basics

Data Files:

Notes Pages:

Notes Presentation:

Lesson Activities:

  • 91A Worksheet Parts

  • 91C Data


  • Learn about spreadsheet software and worksheets

  • Enter information in a cell and move around in a worksheet

Lesson 92: Formatting and Printing Worksheets

Data Files: (none)

Notes Pages:

Notes Presentation: Lesson Activities:

  • 92A Lockers

  • 92C Scores


  • Learn guidelines for formatting worksheets

  • Format worksheets

  • Print worksheets

Lesson 93: Using Formulas and Functions

Data Files:

Notes Pages:

Notes presentation:

Lesson Activities:

  • 93A Festival

  • 93B Quiz

  • 93C Stats


  • Use formulas and functions in worksheets

  • Apply number formats such as currency and percent

  • Change the number of decimal places displayed in a number

Farmer's Market Instructions:

Gradebook Instructions:

Lesson 94: Editing Moving and Copying Cells
  • Edit data in cells
  • Clear the contents and formats of cells
  • Move, copy, and paste cells
  • Use formulas and functions in worksheets
Data Files:
Notes Pages: Notes Presentation:
Lesson Activities:
  • 94A Lockers
  • 94B Schedule
  • 94C Sales
  • 94D Budget
Lesson 95: Formatting Cells and Columns
  • Change column widths and row heights in worksheets
  • Insert and delete columns and rows in worksheets
  • Sort data in a worksheet
  • Use formulas and functions in worksheets
  • Wrap text in a cell
  • Scale a worksheet to fit on one page
  • Create an Excel Worksheet in a Word Document
Data Files:

Notes Pages: see lesson 94 Notes Presentation: see lesson 94
Lesson Activities:
  • 95A Players
  • 95B Vehicles
  • 95C Art by Name
  • 95C Art by Period
  • 95C Art by Both
  • 95D Dinner by Ticket
  • 95D Dinner by Name
  • 95E Memo
Lesson 96: Worksheets with Charts
  • Create column, bar, and pie charts using worksheet data
  • Embed charts on a worksheet page
Data Files:
Notes Pages: Notes Presentation:
Lesson Activities:
  • 96A Sales
  • 96C Expenses
  • C15 Formatting
Chapter 15 Review:
Review Questions: pg. 529

Data Files: (Unable to upload - must receive through Smart Synch) DF C15 Grades & DF C15 Statistics

Excel Chapter 15 Test Data File needed: