Friday, April 26, 2013

Please read through and complete the following instructions to finish today's assignments for class. If you finish early, you may read your AR book or a newspaper online. When you finish, if you would like, you can play typing games or try any of the timed typings this period.


1. If you were gone yesterday, you will need to get the candy assignment from the sub.

2. If you were here yesterday, you need to continue working on your candy assignment. The remaining part of the assignment is basic formatting and layout on your page

3. You will have 3 pages: The regular print that shows all of your answers, The formula print that shows all of your formulas, and your worksheet (this is the one you wrote on- not the instructions)

4. when you are finished, please turn into the tray.

5. If you have missing work from this quarter, please work on that. Otherwise, you may read, do timed typings, or you may play in paint.