Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Please read and work through the instructions below together as a class. If there are any videos that need played, the sub will play them for the entire class through the projector. Thank you.

You may start the day with 5-7 minutes to log in, check your email, check your Twitter account, get organized, etc. Then, start your assignment below.

Practice your live twitter chat for a Twitter Bonus through #KeehnPF! Tweet about what you are learning, ask questions, answer questions, create a conversation!



1. The sub will pass back all graded papers.

2. Watch the following video to find out what to do with a voided check. VoidCheck

3. The sub will pass out the worksheet: Keeping a Running Balance.

4. At your tables, work together to record your transactions according to the instructions.Once you have completed the transaction portion, you will have to answer the questions to the register that you just filled out.

5. Continue working through the worksheet answering the questions on pg 3 that refer to the bank statement on page 4.

6. Continue working through the worksheet reconciling your account. This will walk you through the process and then you will have answer the questions regarding that process.

7. When you are finished, turn your packet into the tray.

8. Because I missed you on Friday and today, I don't want to let you get too far ahead of me. We will meet up again on Thursday (which is a short day due to TAA). We will finish all of our reconciliation activities and begin our large checkbook activity in class.

9. For the remainder of the class period, please quietly work at your table. If you need to go get homework from another class, you may do so.